Comment: Uniting is a worthy goal

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Uniting is a worthy goal

Unless there's hard action tied to a decision, I'm afraid I'm not behind sending any message to TPTB. It's been done over and over and they're not going to listen. Even sending toothless messages to the people is pointless since the MSM will twist it how they see fit.

We need the heads of all the groups to get together and decide what they can agree to do together. My guess is that the most opportunity would be for GJ to join forces with RP and then court the Tea Party, SP and the Occupiers with an optimistic message. Everyone's heard how deep in debt we are. What they're waiting for is when and how that will change for the better. Uniting behind a message like that is what can sway half of both major parties to the 3rd rail. This, I see as a worthy goal.