Comment: Ask yourself: why vote?

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Ask yourself: why vote?

I can only think of two answers.

(1) You vote to get your guy elected.

(2) You vote to send a message.

Now, when it comes to writing-in Ron versus voting Gary I think all reasonable people can agree that neither of them can possibly become President in 2012? So that leaves only one reason for casting a vote: to send a message, showing our strength to the rest of the electorate.

Which sends a stronger message, writing-in Ron or voting Gary?

In many States write-ins are not counted at all, and in any case they will not be reported by the MSM. Whereas votes for Gary Johnson will be counted and reported. Hence, no rational person can think that a write-in campaign can send a stronger message than voting for someone on the ballot. If you want to send a message, you need to vote Gary.

I understand why people want to write-in Ron Paul, I do. Part of me wants to do that as well: the emotional part. But the rational part of me says that my vote will benefit the cause of liberty most if I cast it for Gary Johnson. So that's what I'm doing.

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