Comment: RP Needs Libertarians in Congress

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RP Needs Libertarians in Congress

I'm a longtime Libertarian and I'm switching to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. I monitor the LP Forum and those actively commenting say they will vote for Ron, too.

Ron Paul is simply the best shot we have for saving this country before it's run off a cliff of debt. It doesn't matter what party he's affiliated with. I voted for him when he ran in '88. Dr. Paul's run as a Republican has given his views so much more legitimacy and a bigger audience than the LP could.

What we need, though, is to elect as many Libertarians as possible to seats in Congress, to help RP make the sensible changes he proposes. He needs allies in the House and Senate and the LP candidates understand the recipe for returning this country to greatness.

Ron Paul 2008: The most important vote of your life

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