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Comment: We NEED more men to give our money too -- Great Digg

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We NEED more men to give our money too -- Great Digg

Billions and Billions spent per Election Cycle and Neither Side (of the gonerned) ever gets what they wanted -- not all of it anyway.

Yet we get enough or we get close enough to "try-try-try again"

Imagine if every dollar we spent on RP's known slim-chances of winning were spent on pooled entrepreneurial projects -- each of us would have "netted" a profit; and each year thereafter (from 2007) we would have netted more.

I think less than 1% of the Ron Paul Community understands what a free-market would look like and NONE of them have read Mises opinions on how to maintain one, once you have it.

So people are fighting for what? An "imagined" better world -- one they are not prepared to enter nor do they have the FOGGIEST ideas of what a transition would look like.

But they fight like hell for it -- hahahahaha.

Why not "know the destination" and have strong theory on how to maintain it -- before you start fighting?

Maybe you are fighting FOR corporatism (which I believe is what we've done in the RP Movement) -- we've fought for a Free-Market "flavored" Corporatism.