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Thank YOU Milton

I am proud of YOU!

There is another RP GOP seated on my committee, and it's awesome. Ther're very good with constitution and I'm good with Roberts Rules of Order, so together, we give a one-two punch, reviewing issues, voting NO on the ones that are not constitutionally sound, and reminding the other members they took an oath to the US Constitution, so WE ARE WINNING! And though Romney-Ryan are not my choice, I do appreciate how they have adopted parts of Ron Paul's message to the GOP platform, so we will hold them to that.

The shame is so many here do not get the BIG picture. I think it's because they are under the influence of MSM and unable to think for themselves, or stand apart. Or maybe they don't read their own posts, maybe think the posts about tptb are kidding?

I see the downvotes as Obama supporters targeting me and that makes me know, WE ARE WINNING.

I do think it would be good if there was a forum for Ron Paul rEVOLution Committee members. I think this site may be going to Johnson, and I, perhaps like you, have work to do, and not so much interested any longer in trying to explain what to do as a RepubliCAN who is heir to Ron Paul's message and furure of the RepubliCAN Party.