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You missed It, Ron Paul inspired everything that has happened here.

I dont see GJ inspiring people around the world to support him. GJ has to prove himself first, and I havent seen that.

Unless GJ talk's ALL THE TIME, about Ron Paul and ending the Fed, then GJ is nothing but another puppet trying to steal the focus and direct the narrative away from Ron Paul.

To me, This is a tactic to limit Ron Paul's message, and then, when people vote for GJ and Mitt loses, GJ will be called the Romney Spoiler, and the Media WILL blame the Ron Paul people for "jumping ship" and causing the loss, this will piss off many republicans, people who we are trying to become closer too, people who are ripe for joining this Freedom movement, but will be pushed away by the media narrative that WILL make us look bad somehow.

I beleive if you simply abstain, you do not give them consent to govern you, Or you do as you have said all along and vote on your Principles and vote for Ron Paul.