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I watched and he got really big applaud

when he talked about not giving up freedom for security.....the talking little or no applaud.He should have given more of his Fathers talking points and he would have had the room going crazy.....There are more Paulites there now that the Romney Campaign and the RNC have their true colors out in the open.The whole state of Texas stood behind the Maine delegation and the Rule changes the Romney lawyer pushed through the rules committee...and they were Romney supporters and they were furious. I think Rand was doing what I did when I voted for McCain in 2008.Holding my nose and voting ...a matter of fact I felt dirty when I left the voting booth on my way home I felt nauseated. I decided right then I would not vote for the lesser of two evils ever again....Rand is younger than me so maybe he will go hug the toilet tonight and come to the same conclusion.