Comment: Give the guy a break already

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Give the guy a break already

before it ends up dividing our movement.

On the floor of the Senate, Rand has done nothing but stand by our principles. He is moving our views forward. He just got a room full of GOP neocons to clap for him when he said that military spending is not always good and useful.

I respect Ron Paul for his uncompromising stance, but Rand is someone who will gather up old Republicans and bring in new ones. He did that whole speech, quoting books and narrations, without reading or looking down. He spoke to that whole audience using very good eye contact, emphasis, and using all sorts of devices that lure listeners in (like repetition and story telling). That was a great speech, and he covered a lot of ground. Rand is the kind of person that can win over the minds of stubborn Republicans, defending our principles without creating enemies.

Let's be the smart ones and not make a fuss. If in ten years he shows himself to betray his principles, then we can fuss, but the man has done nothing wrong. He is working the system, and making strides.

I commend him for not buckling to the pressure of irrational bloggers and doing the business he knows he must do.

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