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In my Opinion

Gary Johnson, is just another bankers choice.

so yeah, In MY OPINION, you are playing right into their hands.

Thats my opinion, and it WILL change IF GJ starts to actually attack the Federal Reserve System, instead of just paying it lip service.

I have seen nothing to convince me that GJ wants to ABOLISH, ie KILL, END, DESTROY, the federal reserve. So far, as I understand, he has simply said he agrees to an audit. Wow.

And, its got nothing to do with Gary Johnson, not winning, to be honest I fear, If the Paul people back him, He will Win!. They will then set it up for him to win, then make sure the whole system comes crashing down, and everyone can then blame the Libertarians, for ruining everything, which would absolutely destroy everything we have worked for. Far fetched, but possible.

The Ultimate goal is to Awaken the minds of the US populace to LIBERTY, and a strong Understanding of that liberty! THAT is what will free this world. UNDERSTANDING, and at the moment, it is a Media game, If the crash comes under a Libertarian Presidency the people would turn on libertarianism, that would be devastating.