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My son understands

That the US political system is rigged now. He's 12. He's seen me run for PTA and School Site Council. He knew local elections are rigged and mere popularity contests. I have the opportunity again this year to run for School Site Council as well as PTA and I think I will opt out. The PTA is merely a popularity contest with all the same personalities we know from high school who were "popular". School Site Council is a bit different.

In any case he was crying and so as soon as he walked over to see what I was typing I hit submit real quick so he wouldn't be embarrassed.

Yes it is a big "conspiracy" and I have an inroad to run for some low form of office but politics is a double edged sword as is any position of leadership so it's either dive in head first or opt out completely as far as leadership. For bills and such I always vote.

I didn't particularly like Rands speech nor the video (I thought the videos in Ron Paul's Rally were much better) but I'm not a Rand basher. The speech seemed too neocon and contrived other than a little bit of the last part.

Actions speak louder than words. Rand's voting record will speak for itself. So far other than give an obligatory gesture to Romney he hasn't done anything wrong that I've noticed. He's not my senator however. I have two that are pretty bad (here in California.) I didn't vote for either holding positions currently in the primaries because their voting record sucks. And I live in Liberalville.

When Rand said he supported Romney for president in this video that's when my son screamed "What?!"

Then I had to explain about the rules change and how Romney won the nomination, and he said the whole thing is rigged and they make up their own rules.

What else is there to say but "Yes they do."

But he was very visibly shaken. I thought I had explained to him last night Romney won the nomination but I guess he misunderstood me.

But it's a pretty sad day when your 12 year old son cries because a 77 year old man can not run for President.

In fact it's bull-oney! They were so scared Dr. Paul would win they had to change the rules. Actually that's quite a compliment for Dr. Paul. It's quite a compliment to us Ron Paul Republicans as well.

Oh yeah, I did really like one part of Rands speech and that was how he said the lobbyists stopped going to his office. They gave up.

That's what we need in every congressional seat and every seat in politics. That's the double edged sword I wrote of. Someone is always trying to get into your pants or sway you some way. Doesn't matter what industry you are in or if you are in politics. Someone is buying you drinks or dinner or pole dancers or whatever. Just for a piece of you or to influence you. I stopped being influenced by those people about 6 years ago and that led to me losing my job.

Luckily I got a job working for a guy who loves Ron Paul and hates lobbyists and govt organizations and unfair regulation and taxation. I can actually talk politics with my boss. And I don't have very many whores approaching me. Today I did though. But I was working in my lab and the guy didn't even offer to help. Then he suggested I run tests on his product and he didn't offer any assistance.

That's what is wrong.

It happens everywhere even outside of politics. The lobbyism must stop.