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One solution is to join School Site Council

But that won't do squat. I've already done that.

The principal in most schools won't do diddly.

They think you are a kook for suggesting ID not be required for everything.

Then everyone marginalizes you as some "right wing lunatic" when you are just a freedom loving patriot who refuses to spy on their own kid because you don't need to.

That's called being a helicopter parent and breeds weak children who can't think for themselves. My son surprised me this week and read over 250 pages of an Eisenhower biography. He asked what the Military Industrial Complex was. I was proud. So we watched Eisenhowers famous speech. He probably knows more about the system than the principal does. Heck, he probably knows more than I do.

Hell, he cried when he found out Paul couldn't run. Real tears. I was prepared. Children take things differently. He was truly sad.

I just think it's sick to make kids use their ID's to buy t-shirts or sweat pants. Why? That's disgusting. I never had to. I checked out library books with my signature and name as an adult. Why BUY something and have your name forever attached other than on the tag?