Comment: The likes of the Koch Bros,

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The likes of the Koch Bros,

Fox 'news', Zionists etc. would run interference on it, and ultimately hijack it just like they did the Tea Party without serious watchdogging. Even then, their language is LOTS of money. Corporatists have billions/trillions, the grassroots has dickety doo-dah, and soon there will be no middle class. Nobody is going to stop a train like that throwing peanut shells at it.

I apologize for my lack of confidence...But fiscally conservative 'regular folk' already tried this... Then comes Citizens United, and a new RNC rule that enables them to change the rules on the fly. The GOP is fully a top-down operation now, and obviously, they'll tell YOU what their statist 'platform' is, and WHO they demand you vote for.
Lucy still has the football...Try, try again? I don't think so.