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Granger I welcome you with open arms!

Thank you for butting in Granger. I am always happy to hear from you. I have wondered about your thoughts after the events of Tuesday. Thank you for giving them. Granger, I have to admit, I am shaken. How can one even win when engaging with liars, cheaters, and thieves? That is what troubles me. For all we know they can just kick everyone out of their local seats and reseat them with insiders. I say this because in the public eye they unseated duly elected Main delegates. What makes you think that they cannot unseat you? I am not saying that in a mean way, I am saying that out of pure desperation. And also probably out of that FEAR word. You are a brave one my dear. God be with you.

I am just about mad enough to march myself down to my local GOP and report for duty. But you see, I couldn’t even keep the boys clothes straight after trying to see what they could wear to school this year. Chemo, age, and multiple surgeries have left my intelligence scrambled. I do not think fast on my feet. I can’t even count to 10 when taking attendance in my Sunday School class without losing concentration. I am also very abrasive when stating my opinion. I have so many reasons, and I wonder if there is a place where I would fit in? I never participated in school committees because basically, I like to work alone.

And Granger, I am a purist. I can't play the games. I do not think I would have been able to do what Rand did last night when endorsing Romney when his own father and the voice of the Liberty Delegates had been publically ignored at that convention. I would have come out speaking the truth and committed political suicide and let the chips fall where they may, or so I think in my untested person. We may not have 4 more years. What do you think Granger?