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((((((( bear ))))))))

Each GOP central committee is registered in each county and state. We take loyalty oaths, not just to the party, but to the constitution. For them to change the local by-laws, it has to go through each committee.. my committee has them outnumbered. We just voted against the state GOP's recomendations. We are holding them to the constitution like they held us to the party by-laws. The difference is, when we break a party by-lw, they can remove us from the committee. When they break the constitution, we can have them imprisoned for treason. Think we won't? They have already given us a reason.

Rand's endorsement is a message to those of us on committees, many who might not have even been given a copy of the by-laws, so they wouldn't know. Ron Paul and Rand speak to us in generalities.. it's important we follow their leads.

The government today is not the one Ron Paul served. Ron stood alone while the government lost it's way. Now there are hundreds of us, and that makes us a threat to those who want us to lose our way. So we must work within the laws as they are not ignoring us as they ignored Ron Paul. Ron is not running for office, he is free. We are not, nor is Rand. So Rand is like a bridge.

Notice he only said Romney once.. the rest of his speach was there to remind the GOP about the American dreams and what it is to have the freedom to make something of your life.

I think that the seated Ron Paul Republicans are going to make a huge difference in fighting Obama and the Democrats, as we will hold them to the Constitution as well.

As for your personal life ((((((bear)))))).. if you want to get something done, ask a busy person.

Maybe you can go to ONE committee meeting just to see for yourself what YOUR committee is doing. Anyone can attend as a guest and ask questions. When I went, there were two people eating lo mein in a Chinese restaurant known for trafficing (we don't meet there any more). One of them goes to my Church. They tried to get the Church agaisnt me. It backfired. Preist voted for Ron Paul.