Comment: So long GOP...... where is John Galt?

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So long GOP...... where is John Galt?

Lifelong republican. Hardcore (unfortunately) Bush supporter. After what I witnessed across the board this election has caused me to rethink my political choices. I saw even my small local town GOP bend and break rules to prevent honest, hardworking Republicans from having their fair chance to be a delegate when the GA GOP just threw them all out at the State Convention. Unbelievable.

And why? Because we (Ron Paul Supporters) don't think that the military is the answer for the world's problems. That's it. Think about. The GOP by and large agrees with every other tenant of Ron Paul's political philosophy. Small govt. Low taxes. Personal freedom. But you know, it's all talk isn't it? These Republicans don't want smaller govt. They don't want smaller paychecks. Heck, would you? Would you vote yourself a loss in pay? As the govt shrinks, so do the politicians. None of them are true. Power and money corrupt. This is a fact, both spiritual and natural. Where are the 100 or so Tea party Republicans we sent to Washington in 2010? What have they done? 100 votes is alot of weight. They should be running the House. Where are they? What happened to them? Why is debt ceiling still going up? Why is the GOP now backing a budget stop gap measure? Why are we playing ball with Harry Reid and helping him NOT do his job and pass a budget?

What has happened to this nation? Where is liberty? I don't see it anywhere. I see the gov't in my home, telling me how much water I can flush. Telling me what kinds of light bulbs to use. Telling me that I cannot collect rain water because ALL water is publicly owned. Wait? Aren't I the public? Are there drones buzzing over me? How did we get here?

So what then? The system is broken. And I choose to simply, opt out.

Goodbye GOP. Goodbye politics. I will be on the farm, Tv turned off, living my life as free as I can - and loving my family. This train is unstoppable friends. Only true revolution will restore us now.

Who is John Galt, and goddamn I hope he is out there.....

Michael V. Cowan