Comment: John Galt is busy retiring

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John Galt is busy retiring

John Galt is busy retiring for his/her medical practice because medicare doesn't pay him. But since that isnt Obama care its ok. Under Obama care Galt may just leave without turning off the lights.

A lot of other Galts have stopped caring. They will even accept the higher tax rates because it doesn't really matter to them - they will earn less money but eghh they can deal.

You will begin to see the Galts more and more. If Romney somehow wins things may SEEM a little better for a year or so but ultimately they won't be better.

Atlas Shrugged ends in a fantasy in the novel, in real life the ending is far different and sad.

PS - I too spent a lot of time defending Bush at parties and social events. I am embarrassed by it now - Bush was a huge progressive anti liberty president.