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And we just saw

how complicated dirty and ugly it truly is at this convention did we not?

I truy like your analysis.........and yes Rand is the implementor.

I wish Rand could use some humor with people like Blitzer and Hannity.......

One thing he did show Hannity that he does not hold onto resentments. That is a good thing.....because when we do the ony one a resentment hurts is the resentor. He is good at letting what they say and do roll off his back. He learned that from his father. Remember what Ron said in his Tampa speech.......if he had allowed them to get to him he would have only lasted 5 years instead of the 30 years he did.

I coud not help but notice when Rand was speaking at the convention he got lots of applause. And how many millions of people heard him on Hanity and Blitzer ......... that is how we get our philosophy of freedom out there!

Ideals without illusions.