Comment: I have tears of sorrow and anger in my eyes!

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I have tears of sorrow and anger in my eyes!

I managed to stomach everything up until 9:33 then I burst out crying. I watched the slow montage of the photos of Ron's life of his ages until his present time. His thank you letter really hit me hard signaling the end of his presidential run. I can't believe it. I woke up to all the garbage I was brainwashed into for years as a neocon and war on terror supporter. Discovered Ron Paul in 2010 and discovered the REAL truth about our country and how politicians destroyed it since after the American Revolution. I got involved for the very first time, turned off all talk radio scum, threw Levin's Rush's Coulter's and Hannity's books in the garbage, tore up the mailed pictures of George Bush to shreds. I ordered many of Ron Paul's books and read the most important things I needed in my life.

I went to the convention in Louisiana and saw tyranny in the same room, I made phone calls at the HQ headquarters, sign bombed my home, got people to go to our caucus. I gave over 1000 dollars to the campaign and have no regrets.

And then now it's all over. No more Ron Paul campaign, no more debates, the Nasty RNC had their way and now it's over.

As I watch this video with tears running down my face, it made me think about all of what Ron Paul did for his country. Being jeered at and laughed at and ignored. Yet the man kept on going. I can't imagine how often the man wept behind closed doors along with other Americans that know what's coming down the pike.

I want to fix this country more than ever. I'm going to get involved with my local party and meetings, I want cleanse my town and state of all the corruption and have Liberty take it over. I can't stand it any longer. I can't sit back and live in a world of lies. I'm not going to stop participating until my state is in liberty working order. I'm going to educate strangers and debate neocons and win minds over. We and many other Liberty Americans will take this party back!