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Comment: Point of Order Definition:

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Point of Order Definition:

Point of Order Definition:

A term of parliamentary law and procedure which refers to an interjection during a meeting by a member, who does not have the floor, to call the attention of the chair to an alleged violation or breach of the assembly’s or meeting’s rules of order.

Many of us use words like.."I have contempt for the RNC...Or "The RNC is this or that"..

Question :

Are WE just going to complain about all these transgressions or are We going to really be serious about this matter and do something about this?

Of course, what the RNC did was illegal, immoral and wrong. But sitting on our thumbs and ringing our hands is a waste..

If we don't take action, I for one will not comment anymore about the way the GOP or the RNC treat US, the grassroots...

Do we have any recourse? Are they immune from anything they care to do to the "little people."

Are we really serious about persuing legal action if that is an alternative to just taking it up the ass?

What say you?