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Comment: Ulfilas I cried and cried after seeing this video

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Ulfilas I cried and cried after seeing this video

Still after watching all the footage youtube of the RNC this is who these people really are, when you strip away their phony Christian platform church going God Bless you and God is on our side mantra plus their we want rights and low taxes and harmony for all, empty promises. We pulled the disguise off of these creeps and they're showing their true selves, smiling hissing angry serpents with red eyes and evil accessories dripping with greed. These people in charge and participated are the definition of evil, if not evil, tories and loyalists and they would gladly sell us back to King George for less than 30 pieces of silver. In fact they are king George, and Saddam and Hitler and Mousolini, and LBJ, and Bush, and Rothchild, and mafiaosa. They are the evil of which they proclaimed to hate.

These people are NOT Christians if they sit there and grin and smirk at those that have played fair and suffered. These people are pretty much the religious leaders that crucified Christ except they're (cough) conservatives.

These are the people we're up against. The more I watch them smirk the more it motivates me to get involved. Somebody is fixing to suffer politically, it may be some RNC people, it might be local rep people hey it might even be tea-partiers that sided with Romney. We're going to get them back what ever it takes. It's going to take a long time but I want revenge for what they did to Ron Paul. My heart is beyond broken at this point I can't blame *my* president for not being aggressive enough nor will I blame any of us to win more people over. Some people in this country were still brainwashed and didn't wake up in time. We could've had the numbers but the state and national rep party stayed one step ahead each time. We finally had them cornered where they were forced to all out to cheat in the open. They treated his people and us like sludge. What they did was despicable and one day even all these radio talkshow hosts are going to suffer for it. Levin, Hannity Rush Beck and others have their radio days numbered as more truth proves otherwise. Same goes for Fox News and the rest of the MSM.

Yes I cried not because we lost the nomination, I had faith but had to come to terms that Ron wasn't going to get it. I cried because everything that Ron Paul went through for us and humbly took it, would make even the strongest man in the nation cry in sorrow and failure. Ron Paul went through the debates, campaigned day and night, gave speech after speech and civily fought for this country he's fought in 3 wars 1988 2008 and 2012 plus numerous battles in office. He even came and sat with his OWN delegates as his campaign was facing the final curtain. He had to hear and watch everything that went on aware at the fact that most of it won't even be exposed due to the RNC media trickery. This man went through hell and back for us. I suggest we do the same for him. For those that want to go to the Libertarian Party go do so and spread the message and educate people. Those that want to stick with the GOP and change it from the bottom up like me go and do that also. We will win the hearts and minds and those that see us fixing the Republican party will come back and bring the Libertarian party with them.

Do it for Ron Paul! Do it for us! Restore our Country!