Comment: You fuckers are so stupid it hurts.

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You fuckers are so stupid it hurts.

Johnson is telling you that he isn't Libertarian and you people are refusing to see the red flags.

Your "Libertarian" candidate has none of the hallmarks of a true Libertarian. Been a "Libertarian" for how long and doesn't know shit about Austrian economics? When asked about how he votes.. He bases it on cost analysis? NOT whether or not it's Constitutional. Ever asked yourself what would happen if it made good economic sense but would fuck over rights in some way as in another tax?

Did you know he was against same-sex marriages in New Mexico?
You people have not vetted this guy anymore than you did Bob Barr.

Ever ask yourself how the fuck did someone like that douche get the Libertarian. Do you care that neocons have all but taken over your fucking organization and have circumvented your process?

Geez wake the fuck up.

Oh and psst...Uh being registered as a republican and not voting does in fact send a message. They'll notice.. They won't give a shit no more than they gave a shit about exposing themselves on national tv as the frauds they were.. but it WILL send a message.

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