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You are talking about starting from scratch

Friend, we worked so hard to get where we are. We elected comrades to party positions in every state, even up to the position of national committeemen. It was hard and took about five years. This was the most successful libertarian campaign of all time and it has profoundly affected the party -- albeit not enough! You suggest we walk away from what we have built in order to ... to what? Build it again with another color label?

Beyond this, have you ever actually tried to hold a libertarian event or even booth with the Democratic Party? Or are you just talking? I ask because it is HARD. Remember, the GOP has a small government (largely rhetorical) tradition but the Dems do not. They seem to like us when we are causing problems for Republicans, but get ready for some serious exclusion went we try to enter their tent!

Dem politicos are not cool like our non-political Democrat friends or even radical ideological types. The Dem establishment is WORSE. True.