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Voting Johnson may help push

Voting Johnson may help push the party into a meaningful existence. Johnson can't and won't win even if every Paul supporter backed him. Voting anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama. Voting Johnson has the added bonus of helping Doctor Paul's original party.

Not voting won't mean a thing either. Unless there is a huge drop in the typical voter turn out. A few million turn out in one direction or the other means nothing.

Above is based on the assumption our vote is counted. Rigged electronic machines should be the biggest concern. When they can flip votes our votes are meaningless. We don't have the power to speak through our votes. Not voting along with massive protest could get our voice heard.

We are simply at a point when Voting or Not voting appears to have the same effect. Machines turning in minus vote counts for candidates? Dead people voting? The voting system should be of huge concern.