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Good Morning Granger

Are you familiar with:

I appreciate your advice: "Maybe you can go to ONE committee meeting just to see for yourself what YOUR committee is doing."

Go to ONE. How easy can that be! One little step! I am usually a detail person, but I think in this case I see an insurmountable wall. I just need to take one step at a time. Thank you, Granger. I am thinking that maybe joint participation in both groups might be a good direction as I do not feel I can stand on my own and am not yet wise or knowledgeable enough to understand all the nuances of Liberty.

I certainly don’t want to get involved with the wrong people so I am asking if you have any knowledge of the RLC. Thank you!

Also wanted to say, I am sorry the people in your church turned on you. I find that it hurts most when people we are vulnerable to turn on us. I am glad you had the ear of your Priest and that he voted Ron Paul! My “pastor” did so as well…he is my husband LOL.