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Good Morning (((((( bear )))))))

When I went to my first meeting, there were two people, a woman who teaches catechism at my Church, the one who opposed me, and the Deacon of the Luthern Church. Those two control my committee.

The woman, lost, and the Church did not side with her, but me.

The committee is local, the RLC is not. So all I'm saying to you dearest bear, is if you want to see for yourself, what is going on in your own community, go to one meeting. How that is a wall? I don't know. My guess is you will find maybe a half dozen people, and possibly a few of them Ron Paul Republicans.

MSM has many of us under their influence. MSM is the wall. You can accept what they say as truth and search elsewhere, or you can go see for yourself who is representing YOU.

The majority of people want us to win, they just don't want to help.

Many people live in fear. I don't. Christ is my light, and I KNOW he's got my back and heart, so I don't worry about the details, as Christ will reveal to me what I need to know.

For everything we are seeing, I AM happy, perhaps because I KNOW, though I may be tested, and those tests can be hard, as long as I turn to Christ, I WILL BE IN COMMUNION.

I am winning, my committee is far more about liberty than when I first began attending, and the woman from my Church, even though she is treasuer, rarely shows up. Last meeting she showed up, I bought her breakfast. TURN THE OTHER CHEEK.

Whatever you decide bear, I continue to pray God blesses you and yours abundantly and constantly.