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Jonathan Pfaff, the young Liberty/Ron Paul delegate from Portland who called the special meeting for tomorrow, is riding BACK FROM TAMPA (and is 9 hours out right now) with the one Ron Paul delegate (Stavros Mendros) who reportedly endorsed Romney there and refused to walk out with our displaced delegation.

I know, because I was just on the phone with Jonathan while he was talking with someone occasionally in the background on the phone. After about ten minutes into the conversation, I asked who he was conferring with while we were talking, and he told me it was Mendros.

This Rand-Paul, Stavros-Mendros strategy of go-along-to get-"ahead" and hope to make the rotten apple in the barrel pure again without spoiling our good apples, is going to KILL this movement, IMHO...

Jonathan is a good young man with a good heart. Stavros?...Don't know him, but I do know he was real tight with Ken Lindell four years ago, and I do know a lot of his fellow delegates that I DO KNOW AND TRUST are now FORMER Stavros fans...

EDIT TO ADD: Jonathan has called me back twice since this first posting about the Mendros ride home, and has urged me to understand the pressure that all Ron Paul folks with ANY position in the party structure in Maine are under. They can be thrown out of those positions if they criticize the nominee (Romney) and are really walking a tough tight rope. I see his position, and I feel Jonathan could be an important bridge in the gap between the two strategies in our liberty camp, especially in Maine. We'll have to see...

The bottom line is that we will quite possibly be (for better or worse) FORCED together on strategy for Maine, at least, based on what happens tomorrow morning.

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