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Oh but I did pay attention.

Ron Paul never led in any national poll. The highest he got was second place, somewhere in the mid 20s I believe. He beat or tied Obama in a couple head to heads. That being said, that's still an incredible achievement and sign of hope.

This group of people who Romney/Ryan is promising small government to is the same group of people who still waves incense in front of the images of Reagan and Bush. Perhaps they were all 'tricked' by Reagan, Bush, and Romney, and decades and decades from now they will fall to their knees and repent and say 'how could i be so foolish!'. Or, perhaps they knew the promises were empty all along. Maybe these people don't want less government--they just want more of their kind of government.

I do not support or defend the two party system. You keep wrestling with that straw man and I keep telling you I don't support the two party system.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito