Comment: One thing must be clear

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One thing must be clear

The levels of robbery and criminality must not go unpunished. Some of this may ultimately lead to a time when, at worst, there are mass graves or at the least, a nation in financial ruin.

And there could come a time when the Republic triumphs over this, and people are going to ask "Didn't anybody try to stop this?"

And the answer is, WE DID try to stop this.

Let EVERY NAME of every criminal in the GOP who stopped us from stopping the robbery and the tyranny be known so that they can later be sought after and charged for their crimes. It's not some kind of "oopsy I was wrong" kind of affair when you participate in this kind of crime at this level.

These people should be held accountable for their actions for they have aided tyranny.

Let everybody know that they need to record everything, and the names of the perpetraitors involved, so that when the day comes they can be rightfully charged under the law where charges are WARRANTed once law and due process is restored to these lands.