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Not really ...

It's certainly not a "straw man." It's the subject of the posted article and the topic of discussion. And actually, I pointed out that you defended the two-party system with an argument straight out of the two-party system propaganda handbook. Your example pretending to demonstrate that multi-party systems don't work was Greece. Their multi-party system isn't the problem in Greece, nor is it in Italy, I pointed out. You're using a default strategy to defend ... i.e. arguing that there's no good reason to change it.

And yes, Ron Paul was regularly either tied with or ahead of Obama in national match-up polls even while being ignored and maligned by Big Media, while Romney remained mostly behind both of them. I'm surprised that you won't defend Ron Paul with the facts. I usually assume that people who participate in discussions here have been Ron Paul supporters and know about his campaign.

Correlation does not prove causality!