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my vote may mean "jack and shit" to you -

and, maybe to 'them'... but not to me. That's kind of why I've been in this whole process the past 4 1/2 years - because I believe it.

I made a promise on the graves of my son's friends (the ones who did not come home from war) that I would never vote on the basis of 'lesser of two evils' again. Since then I have realized many more reasons. Whatever happened at the convention will not make me renege that promise.

I do understand and share your frustration but if you are willing to vote for either of those men... well, I will just cut that thought short because you have your reasons. But please, don't give up so easily; vote with integrity. If you believe in Obama - by all means vote for him. If you believe in Romney - by all means vote for him. It's your deal, do whatever you need to do - but I will still implore you, *please* do not feed the beast. What survives is what you feed.

Breathe, chill, dust of your britches, recouperate... We have all worked so hard to get this far. Nobody said it would be easy. TPTB have a lot to lose. As far as the people - not everyone 'gets' Ron Paul's message, at least yet. Some of it (and sometimes 'we'...) sounds/looks scary if it's not understood.