Comment: I'd support Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul.

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I'd support Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul.

In terms of Ron Paul running on the Libertarian ticket, I don't know what our opinion of Rand one way or another has to do with it. (And Rand did openly say RP was his #1 choice. I'm assuming if he ran as a Libertarian Rand would support him.) But it's a valid question as to who'd be involved running the campaign. I couldn't bear to get so psyched again only to have someone WITHIN the campaign attempt to dampen my enthusiasm. Benton lost my trust.

In any event, and don't shoot me here, but as Johnson is currently the presidential candidate, I'd be fine if Ron Paul came on as Vice President - Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul. I could argue it both ways. Either way the platform would be the same - reflecting Ron Paul's intellect and wisdom, especially where economics & money policy is concerned, what he feels is at the root of so much of our current problems.

Johnson comes with two advantages when it comes to Obama. The convention, topped off nicely by Clint Eastwood, has made the case that OBAMA HAS FAILED. And it was pointed out numerous times, he'd never run anything before taking office, not even a "lemonade stand." As a former governor, Johnson comes with a track record of running A STATE.

Second, what's on the mind of so many now is JOBS. Obama's record is poor. While Johnson was in office, thousands of jobs were created in his state.

Third, and while I don't mean to denigrate physicians here, it's not thought of as a "business" in the traditional sense of the word (as neither is Bain Capital!). Before Johnson was in office, he created a construction company with over 1,000 employees. I don't mean to denigrate Johnson's intellect here, but to me, that's Ron Paul's biggest strength - those tapes of his warnings to Congress, his predicting SO MUCH is incredible! Johnson's more recognizable background is in stark contrast to Obama's and Romney's both and would perhaps help him to draw blue collar workers. Ron Paul would make mincemeat out of our current vice president in a debate.

I'm just thinking out loud here. Ron Paul said we should check out Johnson as a viable candidate, and today I looked more closely at what is on his website. Namely, with him in mind as a presidential candidate vs. Obama and Romney. And it works! Ron Paul and Gary Johnson do have much in common (even down to their nicknames, Dr. No and Governor Veto). Either way - Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul - together, their collective intelligence, wisdom, backgrounds, and track records would make for a FORMIDABLE TEAM against both Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan.

I'll support Ron Paul however he might choose to make himself available.

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