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Our obsession with the

Our obsession with the presidential election needs to be reconsidered. Look, we're going to get a status quo executive branch in 2012. So our next shot at this with (insert name of unidentified candidate here) isn't for four years. Meanwhile we're going to have a number of federal and state elections between now and then where liberty candidates are running for office. We need to work to get them elected just like we worked for Rand Paul and Justin Amash. It's not as sexy as a presidential campaign, but it makes a huge difference, it is available, and it is attainable.

The presidency is probably the hardest office to win because it requires the most votes, most advertising, and biggest organization. The best thing about Ron's runs for the presidency has been the exposure of the message to the masses. The masses are coming around, but the inertia is huge. Unless we suffer some economic catastrophe, winning a majority nationally is going to take a long time. Not that we shouldn't try, but we need to be objective about the cost and the benefit of pursuing it, and understand what opportunities we might be foregoing instead.

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul