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Wow dreams huh?, your

Wow dreams huh?, your imagination is pretty stagnant.

Wont allow it??, they have a system of control of resources,information, and finance for over 100 years we are fighting it right now, the masses are not awake so we will lose the battles building a foundation of empirical data of Austrian free market politics and economics, it will take years of active engagement to expose the system then it crumbles, because at the end of the day is a chain of obedience not a chain of command.

Libertarian Party should be filled and combined with others sick of the status quo. Capital resources accumulate building a viable party and movement with brand recognition, To act as a light in black for all generations and individuals to flock, creating a true forum for the Liberty factions, and over the next 10 years a Libertarian will be know just as well as a neo con and a progressive. It will be easier as time goes especially as the economy deteriates we have spoken time will prove us right or wrong, the worse it gets it transfers merit to the cause