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You make a good point but

You make a good point but it's likely too much complicated for us, average non-billionaire Joe's to know about the full extent:

1. as you point out, Thiel seems like a fairly motivated entrepreneur, more than a globalist; as such, he may have had genuine motivations jumping in that are not forcibly implying deviant intents from him "to take over the world" in a club of wanna-be enslavers if that's what they are in their majority -- call it him being naive, if you wish;

2. conversely, the secrecy of their meetings turns out to be very convenient to those of them who DO have globalist plans;

3. relating to (2), I'd be much more attentive to those of them WHO ARE ALSO on the rosters of UNAMBIGUOUSLY globalist clubs WITHOUT REMAINING DOUBTS : the IMF, the CFR, the EU commission bureaucrats, the proponents of Agenda 21, you name it; e.g.,

Caution and awareness re: all those is still VERY RELEVANT to keep in our state of mind.

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