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Comment: As and Alternate Delegate to the RNC

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As and Alternate Delegate to the RNC

from GA I saw first hand the cheating. I watched the Teleprompter when it scrolled by "the ayes have it". I knew right then and there that the Republican Party was done for. So now we all have one choice left. We have to back a third party. We have to cut off all money to the Democratic and Republican Parties. Cut off the money and they die. I will vote Gary Johnson in November. Will he win. Probably not. But give this country four more of Obama and we can really hit a lick in 2016 with a third party. My advice is give up on the Republican Party. They have gone to far. The rule change proves it. They completely shut out the activist with that change and they have no plans in reinstalling it. Will will be extremely lucky if we avoid an all out Civil war before 2016. You can try to change the Republican Party but you will grow old doing it. Our best chance is to try and form a third party. It is that or nothing.