Comment: We absolutely have to send this far and wide

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We absolutely have to send this far and wide

I sent this as a test to my parents who raved about all the wonderful speeches they saw at the Convention through FOX news (which they watch on a daily basis).

After they saw this and Ben Swann's Reality Check about Civil War in the Republican party, they were completely outraged AGAINST the RNC calling it a travesty and so unfair and my mom is calling Boehner on Monday!

This is a good indication that we need to make this go viral and be our own mainstream media, sending it to people that aren't even necessarily Ron Paul supporters. If they're Republican, and/or if they vote, if they have or will volunteer with the Republican Party, and if they voted for anyone different than Romney in the Primary, they need to see this!!!!!!

Lets rally and send this where it counts - lets not preach to the choir, lets get this moving far and wide!

If anyone has an email for Boehner and Priebus so we can flood their in-boxes, that would be great to get our hands on!