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Not Only

Not only did I campaign for my seat openly as a Ron paul Republican, but I lead Nor Cal Mendo, Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity County as the campaign voklunteer, getting more votes than all of CA. I am listed on the Sec of State web page as a Ron paul National Delegate. I was never stealth.

The only ones who are dumb, are those who do not know, believe or understand my committment to the Ron paul rEVOLution.

Rand's intentions are to resore America to constitutional government, and being the highest office holder in this rEVOLution his neck is WAY WAY out there.

My vote Romney is to keep my seat so I can hold the other memebrs to the constitution, an oath we all signed, as they held me the to oath we all took to the party.

Without committee seats, a president, no matter what his promises and ideas, and message is doomed to become a lair.. that's why Hillary, who wanted to be president very badly, and had the majority here, really a bully.. allowed Obama to take the nomination.. she could have done what Romney did to us, but she knew she had the seats, and Romney knows he doesn't.. with her seats, Hillary has made Obama into a huge liar and the worst president in US history.. we can do to Romney what Hillary's seats have done to Obama.

And that's the plan, though GJ doesn't like it and why he put on a LP pin.. to STOP Ron paul, give the weakest amiong us an "option" out of doing what Ron Paul asked us all to do.