Comment: Unfortunately, including here at the DP among some

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Unfortunately, including here at the DP among some

(not only President Barack "I won't wear 'that pin' on my chest" and First Lady Michelle "All this for a damn flag" Obama - some people equate a sense of patriotism as akin to "jingoism." But don't get too misty eyed over the French national anthem; it wouldn't appear it's sung much in France any more - and for the same reason our own beautiful anthems are not heard much here in America. It's in the spirit of the U.N.'s Agenda 21 and One World Order. I live in an area with few flags seen flying, yet an exchange student from France was shocked to see any. She said they didn't do that in France, or it would be viewed as "nationalism." Unlike the Obamas, I can think of a few things I'm proud of America for, and nothing more than our wonderful Constitution, why I'd like to see it restored from what Republican & Democrat presidents and Congresses have turned it into: shreds.
(P.S. A flag pin for the president.

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