Comment: Yea, and my stupid insurence

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Yea, and my stupid insurence

Yea, and my stupid insurence company says that the tooth colored stuff is "cosmetic" so they wont cover it. This means when I go to get a filling in 2 weeks, I have a choice of paying $19 for the metal, or $200 for the composite.

I will be dropping $200 unfortunately. I think its an utter rip off, but cavities dont go away on their own. The amount of material actually used costs only a couple dollars so I am apparently paying someone $190 something plus dollars to clean a tooth and put a covering on it.
(anyone wondering, the cavity has yet to breach the dentin, so it isnt that bad; on the up side, apparenly all my other teeth are "very nice" and "great" according to the dental people)

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