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They are the Nazi Party, they worship the Military

But the GOOD News is that we have infiltrated it. We are alive and kicking and still growing inside the GOP.

But now my fellow freedom fighters, its time to ALSO infiltrate the DNC.

We join as "Jefferson Democrats". Our liberty policies stay the same but our style and emphasis may change.

We must make it deep inside the DNC as well. This is the only avenue of change, for the last 40 years of the LP has shown anyone who bothered to look at their 1/2 million votes, that going the LP way is a proven waste of time... its a "failed liberty advancing strategy".

We have done more with the R3VOLution than all 40 years of the LP. Sure, make the feel good vote, vote for GJ if you must, hold your nose and vote for Obama if you have the stomach for it, but the GOP must be paid back with a LOSS, a sound defeat. Only with a defeat will then those in the GOP finally come around on Ron Paul's foreign policy.


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