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Comment: Show your Numbers!

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Show your Numbers!

I'm not that close to the republican party organization since i don't live in America and follow all things Ron Paul only via the internet. But here's my thoughts on the Grassroots and how to let them be heard.

I have read opinions since the RNC saying people should abandon the sinking republican ship, completely dispense the republican party to be independent from neocons, and even vote or campaign for Obama. Many of those being fed up with republicans were independents or democrats (lefties) just like myself before i learned about libertarians. Some say Libertarians should 'run in large numbers' from the republican party now. Well you haven't even shown your numbers yet. Let your numbers be counted by involvement not only on the ballot, that's not enough for real change. For all who can stand your ground: get involved, stay involved, show your numbers. You don't have to endorse Romney for that. You represent yourself as a concerned voice within the GOP, should you decide to do that, that's fair and necessary either way.

People have to understand and internalize that all differences between Obama and Romney are only superficial - in all things concerning liberty in its entirety (meaning social as well as economic liberty) - they are all the same. And you surely can't have only one of those liberties without the other, believe me Europeans know about that.

You may say you are either sick and tired of most republicans, or you decide to become a part of it despite of it all, and change it's course to it's original principled constitutional and libertarian roots. Ultimately, i think, Libertarians will have to have influence on both parties, because you will not get past the two-party system by ignoring it for there are too many asleep within those parties who run them. And as of now a third party will not ifluence public discussion in an enough effective way as a "take-over" of parts of the big parties would. And that's what it's all about, the Public Discussion. But either way -

- to vote or work for either Obama or Romney, i consider form my perspective as unprincipled and a real sellout (don't forget that Rand must not actually vote for Romney, even though he endorsed him).

So my advice is, whatever you do: stay true to yorself, make yourselves heard closest to the establishment and public opinion as possible to shape Discussion, compromise if necessary but never on constitutional matters, don't let yourself be corrupted or bought and certainly don't vote for one of the crooks that Romney AND Obama are!
(Vote Ron Paul if you can)