Comment: Better Yet: "Write in Ron" But First IX XI Exodus

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Better Yet: "Write in Ron" But First IX XI Exodus

Ron Paul being cheated out of the "Republican" nomination is a HUGE blessing! Now we can mount a MASSIVE grass roots effort to Write In Ron on November 6th, and the Establishment's ELECTION Fraud apparatus won't be able to stop us, because his name won't be printed on any ballots! They won't go through the voting machines. The precinct polls will HAVE to hand count the ballots if we MAKE them. A smart phone equipped army of r3volutionaries will not only smash the Establishment's election fraud apparatus and its media lies, WE CAN ACTUALLY ELECT RON PAUL PRESIDENT!

But FIRST it's time for the "Stomp heard round the world" when all the "new blood" that WE - the rEVOLution - poured into the the "Republican" party the last 5 years, LEAVE the NeoCONned RINOs with a one day Re-registration bomb - Operation Exodus IX XI. On Tuesday 9-11-12, let's all go in and change our registration to "Independent" or whatever (even Democrat to confuse both wings of the one Establishment party). It's important that we remain registered voters so we CAN "Write In Ron." Please visit

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Satyam Eva Jayate!
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