Comment: I hate how the news stations

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I hate how the news stations

I hate how the news stations only give you enough time to make a emotional response to a topic... News never gives substance to a particular issue, and as a result we get misinformed Americans.

News profits from the emotions of the American people, not the knowledge of the American people. If you truly want knowledge you need to sit down and talk about it or read about it. EVEN THE REPUBLICAN DEBATES ARE LIMITED TO ONLY SEVERAL MINUTES. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSE TO EXPLAIN A COMPLEX ISSUE LIKE THE FEDERAL RESERVE IN 1 MINUTE??

The result is a bunch of people voting based on emotion and not really sure what they are getting from their candidate. HONESTLY, I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT ROMNEY'S PLAN IS!!! HE NEVER TELLS ANYBODY HOW HES GOING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS...HE JUST SAYS HE WILL.

Well I'm sorry Mr.Romney. My vote is sacred to me, and I will only award my vote to someone who can give me a strait answer and won't be afraid to take the heat for it. It's not about the winner, it's about who you think would best represent you and your country. Anybody who thinks their going to vote for Romney because he is the lesser of two evils is still contributing to the evil. You might as well be one of those zombies out there on the convention floor the other day... mindlessly clapping for Romney, the snake oil salesman.

There is a intellectual revolution going on right now. It's time to Rattle the cages.