Comment: We need to vote against Romney in the ONLY way that counts

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We need to vote against Romney in the ONLY way that counts

The GOP really believes Romney can win. If they take the senate, a Mitt win will be an unMittigated disaster as he will push forward hard with the Bush-Obama neoconservative agenda unopposed.

Obama will have to cooperate with the GOP; and his second term will have much in common with Clinton's 2nd term. He will either betray his socialist base or become a do-nothing failure. Vote for gridlock - vote for Obama; it's the only way to stop Romney - equally as evil, but far more dangerous to liberty.

Also: An Obama win means there's a chance for Rand to become the 2016 nominee. If we don't defeat Romney by voting for Obama, then we can probably look forward to a Mitt versus Hillary race instead.

Our votes can count in a way that makes an actual difference; don't waste them on a protest that will be ignored anyway. To defeat the neoconservatives' worldwide reign of terror is too important; and it will require more than mere abstention or protest voting if we want to tie them up in political gridlock and have another chance in 2016 - the race is closer than you think.