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I can't speak for the others,

I can't speak for the others, but I've figured about Mr. Moore after listening to a number of his anti-capitalist rants.

Here's what I found for myself as a personal conclusion. YMMV.

On the surface, when you listen to his rants, it sounds to you that the guy seems to be confusing PLAIN OLD "NATURAL" CAPITALISM, say, ideally based on REALLY FREE markets, with the horror we have today : CRONY CAPITALISM of course, amplified by currency debasing and counterfeiting schemes a la Federal Reserve.

Then, you ought to dig deeper :

So, eventually I came to strongly suspect he DOES know better, in fact : and he is indeed p*ssed off of not being quite INSIDE ENOUGH of the system, to be high up enough with the Gov't and MSM crooks for juicy contracts ; he'd probably wish to be much higher up in doing his business with these corrupt in power.

So, my theory is he reoriented his envy / despising / hate towards CAPITALISM ON FREE MARKETS, precisely because CRONY CAPITALISM doesn't work FOR HIM well enough. He naturally became a PLAIN DOWNRIGHT socialist who probably dreams to be doing his movie stuff for the administration and THE BIG STATE he craves for employing his services, AT THE TOP, of course.

Truth is : Michael Moore is THE PAST, himself, too. Because WE FIGURED about the GLOBAL SOCIALISM scheme and, the Hell, we are not willing to even downgrade to a 19th/20th Century National Socialism scheme either just because of his funky entertaining, BUT TOTALLY FALLACIOUS rants on a free market capitalism which would be too risky for his absence of talent.

Try harder, Mr. Moore.

We know even better than YOU DO.


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