Comment: I worked on third party and Indy for 33 years.

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I worked on third party and Indy for 33 years.

I did NOT want to join the GOP. Ron Paul gave me NO choice, if I wanted him to become president, to be a delegate, we all HAD to join the GOP.

Why wouldn't Ron Paul run third party?

There are 36 registered third parties in the USA. Nader needed 7 of them, to achieve ballot access in 49 states, as OK will NOT go there. Nader's campaigns for ballot access and open debates earned our campaigns, harrassment, false arrests, vandalism, broken bones, noses and jail. It was way worse than what Ron Paul went through, no judge would hear our cases, multible states gave us multible laws suits that bankrupted us. The Democrat and GOP worked together on every level of government to crush grassroots, MSM censored us, and when they did talk about us, it was lies.

My experience on Nader's team was that the GOP was kinder in their efforts to be mean than the Democrats. Every day I petitioned, I had to deal with the police. I was accused of crimes I didn't commit, detectives called me from 150 miles away to say I was being charged. I would ask permission to petititon, was given the OK, and within the hour the manager would ask me to leave (my teams, and this happened to everyone), and sometimes before I left, the police would show up. Ron Paul's campaign with the GOP has been a cake walk by comparison, so if you think tptb is going to make this an easy street for you, think again. The Democrats and GOP WILL team up to crush you personally. You understand? They will come to your home, they will personally go after you.

Back when Nader was running we did not have the Patriot Act, so we could bail each other out of jail.

I'm sure Ron Paul knows all about what happened to Nader and one reason he decided to take the GOP. Also, the GOP is established, but so many people HATE the GOP, the seats were empty, MSM makes them appear more than they are, and also, they put people off, because tptb want 10 fat men left making the rules.

What we saw at the RNC was their desperation.. They had to lie, cheat and steal to win. They didn't win. What they want is to stop Ron Paul more than anything.

Palin's Earthquakers saw Ron Paul's plan and knew it was brilliant, so they are doing what Ron Paul asked us to do. Where I was a guest on the committee for a year, alone, four of them came to a meeting, and they are about to be seated immediately because they have numbers. They are NOT afriad. They are FIGHTING. And I think, Why couldn't we have done that? Why are we so lame when it comes to TAKING POWER? Why do we insist we must be grassroots on the street? That's NOT where the power is. I KNOW. Thirty three years, and I didn't sit on my ass. I worked very hard as an activist. It's why I begged Ron Paul in 07 to go Indy.. But once I went to a GOP committee meeting, I saw why Ron Paul wants GOP.. you need to seperate what happened at the conventions and RNC from the committee themselves. Those committees are YOUR neighbors and so it's very personal, and much safer. Ron Paul does not want us to go through what Nader's Raiders went through.

If you think the GOP is bad, and I'm telling you, they are weak and why they lie, cheat and steal... the Democratic Party is NOT weak, and they are vicious, brutal.. you will get broken bonmes and they will keep you locked up for indefinate periods.. We are not free. We are fighting for liberty. Nader didn't have to deal with the Patriot Act YOU will. So if you think the Democrats are going to be better, kinder, nicer, more helpful than the GOP.. don't fool yourself.

Smart people learn from others experiences, and maby many here need the school of HARD knocks, But going third party isn't possible in CA.. dates to file for Nov election was June 5TH. So I don't know when you think you're going to form this party, but I would also like to remind you, the NWO will also resist.. Maybe many of you here would rather go to prison, get beat up, go broke, than join the GOP.. GOOD LUCK. I'm sticking with Ron Paul's plan. The GOP doesn't scare me.. I'm going in and FIGHTING the good fight.