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Comment: While this is nice....

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While this is nice....

What lasting effect will it have? I didn't see any microphones from ABC/CBS/NBC.

The party will gladly cheat if they know less than 5% of the people will know about it.

Which is why we have to be our own media. We need a documentary put together showing all the corruption, and distribute it through the internet, and by canvassing.

Criminals will only change behavior if there is a consequence to their actions. So far, they are rewarded.

Until the top of the party learns they cannot get away with fraud, our efforts to reform it will be wasted.

Reminds me of the Olympics in which a lady trained hard for 4 years, only to be tripped in the final race.

As Doug Wead said, as long as ten fat guys can overturn everything we worked for, there is no point.