Comment: Thanks for all the valuable information @ The Granger.

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Thanks for all the valuable information @ The Granger.

It is very interesting to read of all your personal experiences. I trust that others are learning from them. The situation today is so much worse than it ever was what with the electronic voting systems that are the last piece of the plan to make all voting the property of the oligarchy.

I imagine that voting systems are the responsibility of local government whether at the county or State level. If so and if there are no Federal restrictions on which systems to use and if the Feds have no access to them then that would be a good set up to target and to make sure any system in place is hacker proof and verifiable.

Do you have any insights on this issue? I believe it must be one of the most important given that it can be used to protect the value of a single voter and any changes to make the system tamper proof would have widespread support.

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