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Finn? Pitchfork? The Russionans are coming?

Pitchfork Ponderings ~ Russian Music?

When I first began analyzing Pitchfork, I realized it did seem like sort of a stretch in qualifying as an online magazine. The site is very much about music criticism, but as I continued reading it I found more and more examples of solid writing and good reporting. Sure, the reviews and opinion pieces are snarky and laden with an elitist attitude, but that’s what readers look for in Pitchfork’s writing.

In a recent article titled, Beg, Steal, or Borrow: New Beats From Moscow, the website documents a new trend in Russian music. It discusses an underground electronic movement blending dubstep, electronic, hip hop and many other electronic inspired genres. The author, Finn Cohen, clearly did extensive research in creating this....

Post script, unscripted: Surely, I am lost on the prior comment on the Finns are coming. None the less, I will have the table set for our guests. I will have a Russian translator on call, should more interpretation be required. It is not clear from the message if these Finns are kin to Huckleberry. Perhaps only distant cousins. William "Bill" Cohen was a US House Rep & Senator, plus Secretary of War. Perhaps it is some of his his business associates. Perhaps it is Finn Cohen of Pitchfork fame.

I will put out my stainless flatware. Other robbers have yet to return my silverware. Sorry I could not be a better host to whomever it is that is coming.

Thank you for the notice. Was it a warning?

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