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Wow! You topped your previous argument in its absurdity. Yes, Lew Rockwell, Robert Murphy, and Robert Wenzel are anarcho-capitalists. So is Tom Woods, Walter Block, Hans Hermann Hoppe, Stephan Kinsella, Jeff Tucker, Thomas Dilorenzo, Laurence Vance, David Kramer, and on and on. They are all libertarians. Libertarianism is a belief in the NAP and Lockean homesteading of property rights (although there are variations on how different libertarians define property rights). There are basically two groups of libertarians, ancaps and minarchists. I consider Gary Johnson and beltway libertarians to be libertarian-lite, at best. It is hard to call them libertarians considering how often they stray from the NAP. To say ancaps are not libertarians exposes your ignorance of what libertarianism is.

Your comments are so far from being rational that it is a waste of time to try to have a discussion, but I did want to respond in case there is someone gullible enough to listen to your preposterous comments.